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Includes DNA glue, UV Torch and Stickers
Asset Marking Kit
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Includes DNA Spray and a 100+db Siren, DNA Glue and TYD (Test Your Drink) Cards
Student Protection Kit
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Transferable DNA grease solution for asset protection
SeekerDNA Grease
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Handy TYD strips to check if your drink has been tampered with.
Test Your Drink
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Personal defence spray with 100+db siren and DNA UV spray
SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray
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Transferable DNA grease solution for asset and personal protection
SeekerDNA Gel
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Personal Defence Spray

UV and DNA spray solution with siren
The SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray has been specifically designed to provide maximum 3 in1 powerful deterrence from attack; to alert assistance and mark and identify an attacker. To create an unpleasant and threatening environment for any would be attacker and “encourage” them to leave!
When used The Personal Defence Spray emits an ear piercing 100+ dB siren alarm which in addition to disorientating an attacker, is also a powerful 'Call for Help'.
But it also releases a spray mist (in a radius of about 40cms in front of the Alarm) containing a Ultra Violet marker which leaves no obvious signs, but shows up clearly under a UV torch, such as those used by the Police and so aids rapid identification.
Potential attackers are at the same time marked with a unique DNA code which Police will use to link perpetrators unequivocally to the scene.
Operation: press down on the Cap and shake the container. This increases the discharge rate of the DNA and UV markers and intensifies the dispersal.

Product SKU: PDSOF33

The manufacturer, including its agents and distributors will not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage for any reason other than those which they are required to do so by Statute.  All reasonable care has been take to prevent personal injury sustained by any person as a result of the use of or possession of this product, whatever the cause or reason.  No liability is accepted for any injury caused by use of the DNA Defence Spray other than in accordance with the instructions provided.

SeekerDNA Defence Spray is designed to provide an alert in the event of an attack and to assist in identifying those in the area of the discharge of any spray.  The use of the spray may assist investigating an event but may not provide definative evidence in the event of a prosecution. 

SeekerDNA Defence Spray should not be used other than to protect yourself.

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